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The Socrates Express


In The Socrates Express, New York Times bestselling author Eric Weiner invites you to voyage alongside him on his life-changing pursuit of wisdom and discovery as he attempts to find answers to our most vital questions.

“Weiner proves to be a curious, sincere, and generous companion.”—Kirkus

“His book offers an appealing way to cope with the din of modern life and look at the world with attentive eyes and ears.” —Publishers Weekly

Eric Weiner


Greetings. I’m an author, speaker and former correspondent for NPR, but I prefer to think of myself as a philosophical traveler. My interest—my obsession, really—is the intersection of places and ideas. It is at this intersection, I believe, where the most fascinating aspects of life unfold, be it our search for happiness, wisdom or creative expression.

So, in this spirit, I invite you to explore. You can read about my books, and listen to an audio excerpt. You can also sample my other writing and see a calendar of my upcoming appearances, as well as my writing workshops  I hope you find the journey inspiring.

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